Rhinoplasty (nose job) is a cosmetic procedure aimed at improving the shape, contours and size of a patient's nose. There are two different Rhinoplasty methods; a closed technique or open technique. Depending on the patient's desires a method is chosen.

Rhinoplasty - Plastic Surgery Alberta
Rhinoplasty - Plastic Surgery Alberta

Procedure Details & Information

Nasal hump
Wide or large nose
Wide, bulbous tip, bridge or nostrils
2.5 - 3 hours
Under a general anaesthetic, an incision is made within the nostrils and if needed across the columella (skin between the nostrils). The underlying cartilage and bone is revealed. The supporting structures are then sculpted and trimmed to achieve the desired shape and size. The bones are broken and removed or narrowed if necessary. The incision is then closed. A cast is then applied to the nose.
Home for 1-2 weeks
Nasal splint or cast for 1 week
No strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks
Significant swelling and bruising for 2-4 weeks
Mild swelling for 2-6 months
Final results in 2-6 months
Improved size and shape of the nose
For women a more feminine, sexy nasal silhouette is achieved
For men a more proportional nose is achieved
Infection, hematoma, scarring
Nosebleeds, stuffiness, prolonged swelling
Residual asymmetry or deformity

Additional Rhinoplasty information and cost available. Please contact Plastic Surgery Alberta.